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Home accommodation for:

- Family reunion
- Wedding
- Anniversary

Family reunion

Tips for Planning Your Table Decorations

Here’s a few tips for making family reunion centerpieces:

  • Table size:  Before making centerpieces, take into consideration the size of the tables.  Making the centerpieces too small, well you might as well not have any.  Making them too big, they’ll just be awkward!

  • Theme:  If there is a theme to the family reunion, this is one of the best places to utilize it.  If there is no theme, it is not a bad idea to consider at least a color scheme to make the event look nice.

  • Think family:  Using family pictures, code of arms, colors from country of origin, or any family-known symbols will all make for great ideas when making the centerpieces, and make it personal to your family.

  • Make it edible:  Who doesn’t like food?  Don’t make the whole thing edible if you choose this route, because then there won’t be any pretty centerpiece left to marvel at!

  • Consider the venue:  If you are outside on or near a beach, then something

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